Too much of a bad thing is still bad

There are 5 things I can’t stand in my life, middle school musicals, waiting in line, birthday cakes, PETA, and water park life guards. But none of these can even compare to my hatred of interest groups. Why are interest groups worse than all those things? Because it takes the evil of each one and combines it into one massive creature. The next thing you are wondering is “how these relate and why do you dislike the original 5 you weirdo?” Well its pretty simple really.

Middle school musicals have to many people singing so I cant understand anything that is even going on. Even if I wanted to hear my brother sing, you couldn’t pick him out from the rest. Same thing goes with interest groups. Picture me as the US government. How can I hear anyone’s opinion when there are so many interest groups trying to tell me theirs.

Now waiting in line. Pretty self explanatory. I waste hours of my time because to many people are trying to get something done just like I am. Turn around and look at interest groups. I bunch of people trying to get the same things done. WASTING TIME!!!

Everyone loves birthday cakes right? WRONG!! A birthday cake is something picked for one person and will probably only taste good for a few people there. Only being good for the minority of the party. It’s the same with how interest groups only show an opinion for the minority of the nation. Not helping the majority.

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for the protection of animals but holey banana PETA calm your finger tips!! I love animals but I don’t want to parade around naked for them! Same with interesting groups! Calm your finger tips! all they ever do is appeal to the most extreme of the group.

And Finally water park life guards!!! They are truly the worst. Right before you can do anything fun they catch you running or going down the slide backwards. Interest groups are no different right before the government can make a decision an interest group runs in and makes it more complicated than it has to be. Both are just too good at there jobs!